Update from Administrator – January 18, 2022

Update from Administrator – January 18, 2022

Dear Family Members and Responsible Parties,

This email is sent to provide you with an update on the status of Covid-19 at the facility.

As of this morning, there are a total of 8 patients who have come to Newtown Rehabilitation from the area hospitals who have tested positive for the coronavirus. These patients were sent to us for a period of recovery and strengthening prior to being discharged home.  We also have 3 in-house residents who have tested positive for the coronavirus and 9 staff members who have tested positive.

Our staff members were fully vaccinated and continue to quarantine at home. As a result, the facility continues to be in Outbreak Mode and continues to test staff and residents on a weekly basis.

Under current regulations, Outbreak mode no longer requires the facility to totally shut down to visitors.  Loved ones can visit and we ask that each visitor check in at the front desk, complete the Covid Questionnaire on the clipboard, take your temperature and record the reading on the clipboard. It is not sufficient to come to the front desk and share that you had taken your temperature in your car or at home and to say your temperature is normal. Your cooperation is truly appreciated. Also please place your face mask on prior to entering the building.

If you are coming for an End of Life Visit or a Compassionate Care Visit, full PPE is required. Full PPE will be provided by the facility to protect both you and your loved one. Please put on the full PPE at the door of your loved one’s room prior to entering the room. Please take off the full PPE prior to walking out of  your loved one’s room and dispose of the full PPE in the trash prior to leaving the room.

Please use the hand sanitizer prior to leaving the room. Please place your clean face mask on prior to leaving the room. These are reminders for the purpose of keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.

The State Dept. of Public Health issued a Blast Fax 2022-06 over the weekend reminding all facilities of the QSO Memo 20-39 which was revised on 11/12/21. In that memo “if the nursing home’s County Covid-19 Community level of transmissions is substantial to high, all residents and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, should wear face coverings or masks and physically distance, at all times.” This means that if you and your loved ones visit, face masks should be worn and 6 ft. of distance separation should be kept for the health of your loved ones and your own health.

We ask for your cooperation and compliance with wearing a mask that covers your face from your nose to your chin for your safety, your loved one’s safety and all you encounter while walking in the facility.

If anyone does not feel safe visiting at this time, please call Recreation and arrange for a Virtual Visit. Our number is 203-426-5847.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support. Please know it is truly appreciated.
Linda A. Urbanski, Ph.D., Administrator

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