Update from Administrator – December 22, 2021

Dear Family Members and Responsible Parties,

This email is sent to inform you that Newtown Rehabilitation and Health Care Center continues to receive patients who have tested positive for the coronavirus. As of this morning, we have 7 patients in the area designated for patients who tested positive for the coronavirus.  These patients have been sent to us to continue their recovery before being discharged home. We ask that you keep these patients in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

When you are coming to the facility to visit with your loved ones, please remember to wear your mask at all times, complete the temperature screening at the front desk including the visitor questionnaire, sanitize your hands and keep six feet of social distancing at the desk and throughout the facility. These measures are for the benefit of your loved ones, as well as for your health and safety.

We hope you truly enjoy your visit with your loved ones, especially during the upcoming holidays.

If someone is coming for an end of life or compassionate care visit, please remember to wear full personal protective equipment for your safety and the safety of you loved ones. The personal protective equipment will be supplied by Newtown Rehabilitation and Health Care Center.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes for health, safety and many wonderful moments with your loved ones.

Linda A. Urbanski, Ph.D., Administrator

December 22, 2021