Update from Administrator – October 8, 2020

October 8, 2020

Dear Families,
As always, our team and I hope this email finds you safe and healthy.
As stated in the last town hall meeting we had a bit of a scare when a nursing student tested positive for covid last week. (Last day worked was September 24, 2020.) I am happy to report that all staff and residents have remained COVID free! We continue testing our staff and residents at regular intervals as required by CMS, CDC and DPH.

We are continuing to do outside visits for as long as we are able with the weather.

Indoor Visits
We are as excited as you must be to hear that we can start doing inside visits.
Please see some notes below on guidelines that we all must follow to ensure for everyone’s health and safety.
Nursing homes and visitors must adhere to the following conditions:
•According to the state guidance, we must limit the number of visitors per patient at one time and limit the total number of visitors in the center at a time. This will be based on the amount of physical space we have available for our designated visitation area, which will be our Art Studio.
•We need to limit the duration of visits to help ensure all patients can receive visitors. Just like our outdoor visits, once we have more experience behind us, we can adjust this, if necessary.
•Cleaning and disinfecting of the designated visitation area will occur by our staff in between visits. This is another factor affecting the amount of time and numbers of visitors we can have in our center.
•Screening for anyone who enters our center – temperature and health screen questionnaire – will take place will the receptionist. She or He will then direct you to the Art room.
•We cannot allow visitors to move freely throughout our center; visitors will go directly to the designated visitation area,
•Hand hygiene must be followed and masks must be worn by visitors.
•Social distancing requirements remain as they do for our outside visits.

Indoor, End Stage of Life Care Visits
Should a new case of COVID be identified in the center, all inside visits, except end stage of life, will be temporarily put on hold.

Remember that we do offer iPads for our residents to use for video visits, phone calls, etc. to ensure that you and your loved ones remain in contact, as best as you can during these very uncertain times.
Recreation Activities
•We continue to have live music outside on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. This will continue until Mother Nature says no more.
•We enjoyed Cider & Donuts that were sponsored by Golden Opportunities. (A Volunteer organization.)
•Activities are offered each day, Monday through Saturday on each floor. Activities include shuffle board, Wii bowling, trivia, sensory programs, art, bingo, resident council and special event carts

As a reminder, our next “Town Hall” meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 9, 2020 at 1PM.

As always, thank you for your patience and please stay safe and healthy!

Jane DeVries

October 8, 2020