Update from Administrator – March 11, 2021

Dear Family Members and Responsible Parties,

It looks like we saw an early burst of spring this week. Some of our residents have agreed to go outside and enjoy the fresh air and warmth from the sun.

This week, we have no residents nor staff who have tested Covid Positive.

As you well know, this week marks one year that every nursing home in our state was required to impose visitor restrictions to do our part to combat the COVID pandemic. We can’t express how much we appreciate your patience and understanding during this very long journey we have taken together.

This week also commemorates a year since our team began their journey in the battle against COVID. Our staff did all they could to keep our residents as safe and healthy as possible.  They offered compassionate care and did their best to meet not only the physical care needs of our residents, but their emotional needs as well. Please join me in thanking them and recognizing them again for what they did not only during the toughest parts of the pandemic, but what they do day in and day out.


Our state continues to see a dramatic drop in COVID cases as the vaccine does its job and people in our local community do their part. Until the state and federal nursing home guidelines are revised, we continue to take all necessary precautions, including wearing personal protective equipment and conducting weekly testing to ensure the safety of our residents and staff.

Presently, we are offering Indoor Visits in the designated Visitation Areas of the Front Lobby. If you would like to participate in an Indoor Visit, please call Lynn in Recreation to schedule a visitation time. Please call 203-426-5847 ext. 3131.

Please know we always offer visitations using our technology (iPads, tablets, calls, etc.) if someone in the family does not feel it is safe for them to visit indoors. We also offer Window Visits if that best fits a family’s needs.

Visitation Reminders:

We want to provide some reminders about our visitation policy, based on requirements set by our State’s DPH and the Federal CMS and CDC. We do apologize, but the below is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity for visits, under the strict state and federal guidelines we must adhere to. We know this is not the optimal way to visit your loved one, but these guidelines have been put in place with your loved ones’ and our staff’s health interest in mind.

  • Residents may have up to 2 visitors at a time, and two visits per week per resident.
  • Visiting will be 30 minutes long if the resident can tolerate the visit.
  • Please, do not bring food or beverages to the visit, as masks must remain on at all times.
  • Come to the building with mask on that covers your nose and mouth.
  • When you arrive, please sanitize hands, fill out the COVID exposure questionnaire and sign the one-time document acknowledging that you will follow the visiting guidelines.
  • The receptionist will take your temperature.
  • Go directly to 1 of the 2 Visitation Stations in the Front Lobby.   Please do not go to the nurses’ station, other offices, etc.
  • All visitors and residents must wear a facemask that fully covers your nose and mouth, and it must remain in place throughout the entire visit; you must perform hand hygiene prior to approaching the visit area.
  • Please maintain 6 feet of social distancing during the visit.
  • A staff member will be on hand to answer questions, assist during the visit, and sanitize the area in between visits.

Compassionate Care and End of Life Visits

Compassionate Care and End of Life Visits will continue to be offered. You will receive a call from the Nursing Dept, Hospice, Social Services Dept. or the APRN to invite you to come in for a Compassionate Care or End of Life Visit at a time most convenient to you and your family. Please come to the facility wearing a mask. Full Personal Protective Equipment will be provided to you for the visit.

It is up to each family to decide if they will come in for a Compassionate Care or End of Life Visit. The facility respects each family’s decision and will honor their decision.


Weekly Family Call

Our Weekly Family Call will take place at 1:00 p.m. Friday, 3/12/21.

We look forward to speaking with all of you.

Thank you and please stay healthy. Best wishes for a nice evening.


Linda A. Urbanski, Ph.D., Administrator

March 11, 2021