Update from Administrator – August 6, 2021

Dear Family Members and Responsible Parties,

I hope this email finds you and your family well.

At this time, Newtown Rehabilitation and Health Care Center has three patients who have been admitted to the facility after testing positive for the Coronavirus at an acute care hospital.

These patients are being quarantined on our Covid-19 positive designated area and being cared for by staff utilizing gowns, gloves, masks, faceshields and/or goggles. Handwashing is a priority all throughout the building and not simply on the quarantine area. Masks are to be worn at all times in the building.

None of our Staff and none of our Residents have tested positive for the coronavirus, nor do they have symptoms.

Visiting is still permitted. If this changes, I will notify you via a blast email to everyone on our list.

Thank you for your cooperation with wearing a mask upon entrance to the facility, completing the questionnaire upon arriving at the front desk and having your temperature checked.

If you are visiting for a compassionate care or end of life visit, your will be provided PPE for the visit (Gown, gloves, mask, faceshield.)

Please be safe, be careful, maintain social distancing if you haven’t been vaccinated and enjoy the time you will be spending with your loved one.

Best wishes for a nice weekend.
Linda A. Urbanski, Ph.D., Administrator

August 9, 2021