Update from Administrator – April 22, 2021

Dear Family Members and Responsible Parties,

This email is sent to make you aware that 1 staff member has tested positive for Covid-19.

As part of the protocol, all residents were tested today and all residents tested negative for Covid-19.

So far, all staff who were tested by Griffin Health also tested negative.


Please know that with all the residents testing negative and staff testing negative, we have resumed the indoor lobby visits which were postponed until we received the test results.

Thank you to all the families who chose an outdoor visit, window visit or virtual visit instead of their lobby visit.


All family members and visitors, if you would be so kind, and please remember to wear your masks upon entering the building and also during visits with your loved ones. Please allow our staff to take your temperature, complete the Covid-19 questionnaire and sanitize your hands prior to your visit and upon leaving the facility.


If you are coming for a Compassionate Care Visit or End of Life Visit, please enter the facility with your mask on. Your temperature will be taken by a staff member. You will be asked to please complete the Covid-19 questionnaire and sanitize your hands. We will provide you with a gown, face shield and gloves for your visit.

Upon exiting the facility, you are also asked to please sanitize your hands on the way out.

These steps are taken to keep you and your loved ones safe.


Today was an important day at the facility. Kevin Clark from Wound Care Specialists, LLC  presented a Center of Distinction Certificate to Newtown Rehabilitation and Health Care Center for its “Continued Superiority in Wound Healing.”  During the 1st Quarter of 2021, the facility had 46 wounds that healed in an average of 29 days vs. the National Average Days to Heal of 67 days. Congratulations to Francine Williams, RN ICN, Maureen Jennings, RN, Interim DNS and all the members of the Clinical Team  who provide wound care to our residents. We are proud of each of you and the contributions you make in resident/patient care.


Just a reminder, our weekly telephone call will be held tomorrow 4/23/21 at 1 p.m.

Best wishes for a nice evening.


Linda A. Urbanski, Ph.D., Administrator

April 23, 2021